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Corinex Communications Corp. would like to invite you to join us at European Utility Week in Vienna, 6-8 November 2018.



Please visit us at booth: A.n72

CARLSBAD, Calif. & VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BUSINESS WIRE) MaxLinear, Inc. (NYSE:MXL), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF), analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the connected home, wired and wireless infrastructure, and industrial and multimarket applications and Corinex, a unique supplier of broadband solutions (BPL) for smart metering and smart grid infrastructure improving grid operational efficiency, security and integration of renewable energy and EV’s today announced that they will cooperate to create a broadband utility infrastructure solution based on standard ITU-T technology to enable smart metering and other smart grid applications.

The solution will address the growing interest of electricity utilities in leveraging broadband powerline networks for Smart Grid applications, while ensuring multi-vendor interoperability, openness and easy integration into a wide range of Smart Meters and Smart Grid infrastructure equipment. The solution developed by MaxLinear and Corinex will make use of existing chips, reducing time to market and leveraging existing investments in technology currently used in the broadband carrier, consumer and Industrial segments.

During the initial phase in Q1 2018, Corinex, with assistance from MaxLinear will prepare a software application layer supporting the existing family of MaxLinear BPL chips (DSS95xx family) combining both companies’ development. The application layer will include support for IPv6, SNMPv3, SSH, FTPS, COSEM Security Suite 0 and TACACS+ protocols, providing the most robust set of cybersecurity features in the Smart Meter industry. The solution will combine communication and smart metering functionalities and will be available from Corinex to OEMs to create their own low-voltage metering or medium-voltage backhaul solutions to facilitate a competitive and interoperable environment. is an international standard for broadband communications over any wired media with rapidly growing adoption across multiple markets (telecommunication service providers, cable companies, consumer home networking and industrial networking). By leveraging existing MaxLinear chips with Corinex's Smart-Grid optimized software solution, OEMs can enjoy the benefits of a mature silicon platform that is already shipping millions of chips yearly, with the cybersecurity features required by the Smart Grid industry.

The combined solution will provide OEM’s with reference design of the industry validated interoperable meter ready for mass manufacturing including advanced utility features, communication with programmable frequency use, state of the art LDPC forward error correction, self-organizing-network mesh capabilities, support for low-voltage and medium-voltage topologies, AES-128 wire-speed encryption, secure firmware upgrade, and broadband data rates to enable real-time meter control and reading in low-voltage cells with up to a thousand of smart meters,” said Peter Sobotka, CEO of Corinex.

“The broadband capabilities provided by will help utilities to ensure their networks are ready for the business and regulatory challenges expected by 2020 and beyond, while enabling a wide range of services such as real-time power usage information to consumers, load management, distributed energy generation/storage, electric vehicle charging and other IoT applications,” said Chano Gómez, MaxLinear Senior Director of Marketing, “We look forward to working with Corinex to leverage their extensive experience helping utilities build next-generation Smart Grids”.

About Corinex:

Corinex Communications Corp. develops, manufactures and implements complex solutions for smart metering and smart grid infrastructure projects, with a focus on broadband over powerline communications. Corinex solutions are improving grid operational efficiency, security and integrate renewable energy and EV’s on the low voltage part of the grid. Learn more at

About MaxLinear, Inc.

MaxLinear, Inc. (NYSE:MXL), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF), analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the connected home, wired and wireless infrastructure, and industrial and multimarket applications. MaxLinear is headquartered in Carlsbad, California. For more information, please visit

MxL and the MaxLinear logo are trademarks of MaxLinear, Inc. Other trademarks appearing herein are the property of their respective owners.

AMSTERDAM, (BUSINESS WIRE) IBM and Corinex cordially invite you to the upcoming Broadband Powerline in Smart Metering Networks workshop on October 4th to be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, during the EUW Conference.

Large scale smart metering deployments based on broadband powerline communication became a reality. The workshop will explain the drivers to choose broadband communication, the architecture, and field results. It will also address the future roadmap of the technology.

Date:  October 4th, 2017

Address: RAI Amsterdam, Europaplein 22 (Entrance K), 1078 GZ Amsterdam

Meeting Room: D408

Workshop Agenda:
09:00 Welcome - Introduction by Susanne Knobloch, Canadian Trade Commissioner
09:05 Requirements, technological- and architectural- parameters for Smart Metering Networks in Germany, Reinhard Hecht, Managing Director at IK-T
09:30 Broadband PLC solution for smart metering rollout in E.ON, Wolfgang Zeitler, Communication Architect at E.ON
10:00 Standardization, interoperability and technology roadmap for in SmartGrids, Peter Sobotka, CEO at Corinex Communications Corp.
10:30 Drivers for Broadband Powerline in Poland, Lukasz Dziekoński, Member of the Management Board at Marguerite Fund
11:00 Coffee break
11:10 Sigma strategy for SmartGrids and IoT, Nadav Katsir, Vice President and Manager Home Connectivity Unit at Sigma Designs.
11:40 Smart Metering Technology Experiences with Corinex BPL, Michal Scepanek, Head of Metering at E.ON Slovakia.
12:00 Profitable models for residential trading for DSO, Robert Francek, Corinex Innovations Corp.
12:30 Broadband powerline as driver for Data Analytics - a value add from Smart Metering, Frank Schwammberger, Solutions Executive at IBM Germany
13:00 End of workshop

The amount of participants is limited, to confirm your attendance please RSVP as soon as possible via email or our contact form.

About Corinex:

Corinex Communications Corp. offers products and solutions for the energy and natural resource sectors. We develop, manufacture and implement complex solutions for smart metering and smart grid infrastructure projects, with a focus on broadband over powerline communications. Corinex offers state-of-the-art turnkey solutions enabling digitalization of the grid. They are improving grid operational efficiency, security and integrate renewable energy and EV’s on the low voltage part of the grid. Corinex products are used in many Tier 1 Utilities. Learn more at


Corinex :  Marco Fernandez-Concha - Sr. Director, Global Sales

IBM Deutschland GmbH : Frank Schwammberger - Industry Solution Executive  / Energy & Utilities


Corinex is pleased to announce that at European Utility Week in Barcelona, from November 15 to 17, 2016, was honored to unveil to the world the industry’s first low-cost BPL Smart Meter, co-developed by Corinex and Linyang.clms3 corinex bpl smart meter

The CLMS3 is a three-phase IEC electronic residential meter supporting smart grid functionalities. It is designed to provide utilities with the best-in-class smart metering solution for their SMI mass-rollout.

The CLMS3 smart meter is the industry’s 1st optimized, fully integrated BPL meter with an aggressive cost reduction architectured by Corinex and manufactured by leading meter vendor Linyang. This smart meter, without compromise, addresses current and future requirements of every utility for high-speed data communication at a low cost. It meets the strictest security requirements and its communication link enables effective future upgrades which support current and future business plans from every utility including IoT services.

For more information on Corinex’s CLMS3 low-cost smart meter please contact us.

Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 as one of the famous domestic suppliers of Smart Electronic Energy Meter and Electricity management information system, including terminal products and system solution. After 20 years, Linyang is one of the largest meter manufacturer in China producing OEM and ODM meters, shipping more than 12 Million meters per year.

Corinex Communications Corp. is Canadian company established in 1999. Corinex provides technologies and business consultancy services in the energy sector, develops and manufactures solutions for Smart Metering and Smart Grid infrastructure projects, with a primary focus on BPL (Broadband over Powerline) communications. Corinex is the industry leader in BPL technology, with more than 17,000 gateways and 1 million BPL communication points shipped worldwide.

VANCOUVER, BC--Corinex Communications Corp. and St. Kitts Electricity Co. Ltd. (SKELEC) co-hosted an Open House event to talk about the benefits of the smart metering program that will roll out across the island of St. Kitts in the near future.  As their successful pilot comes to a close and they prepare for the installation of a smart metering system across the entire island, Corinex highlighted the empowerment opportunities this will provide for SKELEC customers.  Not only will their bills be on-time and more accurate, but customers will be able to check-in with SKELEC any time to access their consumption information. “We are excited to improve efficiency and to end estimation in our billing process,” said Gawain Fraites, SKELEC’s Public Relations Officer.

There was a constant buzz in the Open House tent, as Kittitians asked questions about the exciting new technology their island will be showcasing. Corinex is a world leader in BPL--broadband over power line technology-- which allows the use of existing infrastructure to transmit data at high speeds.  “A meter reading is performed by the concentrator every 15 minutes,” said Jon Valeza, Corinex Field Application Engineer. This means that SKELEC will have detailed daily reports from each of their customers’ meters. As SKELEC prepares to move forward with Corinex’s SmartGrid technology, it signals an advance in sustainable energy management for the entire Eastern Caribbean.

SKELEC in collaboration with Corinex plans to modernize aging power generation and distribution assets, and eventually deploy nearly 20,000 meters within the next 2 years.  In the future, SKELEC will be able to leverage the faster network speeds and data processing capacity to monitor their meters and allow load balancing, a key tool to enable the incorporation of renewable energy, such as solar power, into the grid and reduce St. Kitts’ dependency on burning diesel for electrical power.

About Corinex:

Corinex Communications Corp. offers information and communications technology solutions for the energy and natural resource sectors. They develop and manufacture complex solutions for smart metering and smart grid infrastructure projects, with a focus on broadband over power line communications. They offer state-of-the-art turnkey solutions for a wide range of global clients, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure assets, and equipping them to handle any current and future challenges. Learn more at


The St. Kitts Electricity Co. Ltd (SKELEC) is the sole provider and distributor of electricity on the island of St. Kitts. They supply reliable electricity at a competitive price while safely optimizing the life of the asset, in harmony with the local community and the environment, while providing a rewarding and motivating workplace for their employees. Their motto is Reliability with Responsibility. For more information, please visit


Kimberly Bruce
Corinex Marketing & Communications Specialist
+1 604 319 9691


Gawain Fraites
SKELEC Public Relations Officer
869 465 2000 ext. 7234

VANCOUVER, BC--The headlining acts that took centre stage at this year’s Squamish Valley Music Festival—Eminem, Bruno Mars, Arcade Fire, just to name a few—may have gotten all the accolades, but were it not for the valiant efforts of a few good network engineers working behind the scenes, this festival could never have gotten off the ground.

SVMF has been growing in attendance year after year since its inaugural debut back in 2010. A major milestone was reached in 2012 when a single-day attendance record broke the 10,000-person mark: it gave organizers a brief glimpse of the logistical challenges that lay ahead for the proceeding year’s festival. Seeing the annual upward trend in attendance, organizers went looking for a network solution that would enable them to expand the size and scope of their customer support operations, to accommodate the many tens of thousands more people anticipated at future events.

The continued success of the Squamish Valley Music Festival has always been underpinned by the significant economic benefits reaped by local businesses. Beginning in 2013, organizers turned to Montreal-based Intellitix for a streamlined payments solution that uses RFID wristbands issued to attendees for admissions access at the gates, and purchases on site grounds such as food, beverages and general merchandise.

The challenge of building a network capable of supporting Intellitix’s solution was two-fold. Firstly, the time-sensitive nature of transactions processing—and Intellitix’s cashless payment system in particular—demanded a robust network that could transfer huge volumes of data with minimal latencies. Secondly, the RFID enabled POS kiosks were geographically dispersed across an 81-acre venue with no pre-existing telecommunications infrastructure. A cursory site evaluation determined that a wireless solution was unfeasible, as site conditions and the distances involved would introduce unacceptably high latencies, which would be compounded by heavy data traffic from the thousands of anticipated transactional events during the festival. Ansatel Communications, the contractor responsible for building the network, almost immediately saw the applicability of Corinex broadband over powerline (BPL) technology in the context of onsite transactions processing, as it offered a robust ad hoc network infrastructure with minimum setup and low deployment cost. Ansatel teamed up with Corinex Communications to implement a closed-loop BPL backhaul network, using Corinex’s time-tested high-density access gateways to bridge all POS terminals with the Intellitix authentication server onsite.

The core BPL network proved exceptionally responsive and rock-solid stable during the event—in fact, the only temporary hiccups were due to festivalgoers unwittingly severing network connections when they pulled out power plugs from outlets to charge their phones! During those rare instances, network troubleshooting was a trivial affair thanks to Corinex’s user-friendly TelneX management software, which enabled technicians to pinpoint right away the specific device(s) that went offline. The advanced self-healing algorithms preprogramed into the Corinex gateways meant that technicians simply had to re-establish physical connection to the gateways, at which point the devices would automatically and seamlessly reintegrate themselves to the network topology. Throughputs as high as 190 Mbps, in conjunction with round-trip latencies averaging 33 milliseconds, ensured consistently fast payments processing even as vendors collectively doubled the transactions volume from the year before.

The results speak for themselves: preliminary conservative estimates peg the value of all payments processed during SVMF 2014 at $37.8 million. Network congestion was virtually nil despite record-setting attendance numbers, at one point reaching 30,000 people in a single day. For SVMF 2015 and beyond, organizers can continue to reuse the basic network architecture without issue, as it has ample capacity to accommodate year-over-year increases in transactions volume for the foreseeable future.

Get in touch with Corinex today to find out more about their custom network solutions for festivals and special events.

About Ansatel:

Ansatel Communications first opened its doors in 1983. Ever since, our dedicated staff of communications and technology experts have lived and breathed communications excellence.

We believe in treating each client individually. First, we visit your location and assess your needs to determine what is required to solve your telecommunications problems today . Next, we develop a personalized telecommunications strategy to set you up for smooth growth transitions into the future. Once we've finished our installation, we make ourselves available to you 24-7 for all of your service needs.

Our goal is always to provide each client with a customized solution that suits both their business goals and their technology budgets to provide the best and ongoing service that exceeds expectations.

About Corinex:

Corinex Communications Corp. offers information and communications technology solutions for the energy and natural resources sectors. We expressly develop and manufacture complex solutions for smart metering and smart grid infrastructure projects, with a focus on broadband over powerline communications. Our technological expertise enables us to offer state-of-the-art turnkey solutions for a wide range of global clientele, whom we work with to ensure seamless integration with existing infrastructure assets so that they can tackle current and future challenges with confidence. Learn more at


Marco Fernandez-Concha
Senior Director of Sales
Phone: +1 778 371 7538
Skype: marco___fernandez

VANCOUVER--()--The St. Kitts Electricity Company (SKELEC), in collaboration with Canadian technology company Corinex Communications Corp, announced today their successful initial deployment of a pilot site as part of a government mandated initiative to modernize aging power generation and distribution assets, to culminate with an eventual island-wide deployment of nearly 20,000 meters within the next 2 years.

SKELEC was one of several energy stakeholders on the island who realized that continued fossil fuel imports threatened future economic St. Kitts growth, prompting decisive unified action from both the public and private sectors to implement a national smart grid plan that could accelerate economic development. SKELEC needed a solution that could not only work to address existing problems, but could also fortify and enhance the grid with new features and capabilities. Corinex was approached to provide a next-generation island microgrid solution that incorporated existing energy infrastructure while allowing for future integration of nascent renewable resources, such as solar farms.

To strengthen the specific business case for SKELEC, the Corinex solution incorporated advanced 40 Mbps broadband over powerline (BPL) technology into the network architecture. This enables high-speed bidirectional data exchange between the utility’s network operations center and the customer meter, which translates into near-instantaneous feedback for peak shaving operations and optimized load management across the grid. The utility can now offer cost-effective, differentiated services for individual consumers based on their consumption profiles, while empowering customers to understand their consumption patterns and adjust accordingly to reduce their electricity bills. Businesses such as hotels and resorts stand to benefit by expanding their income-generating activities without fear of electricity service interruptions. There will be no need to install unsightly new infrastructure such as radio towers that would obstruct views of the surrounding areas.

After undergoing a lengthy tendering process that involved a number of internationally renowned technology companies, SKELEC was able to determine that Corinex offered the best solution. “The Smart Metering Project will enable [us] to improve quality of services for population and provide a reliable energy supply to build new high quality resorts and hotels in the country to bring [in] high-spending clientele. It will also enable integration of renewables and replace dependence on price volatile imported oil,” explained SKELEC CEO Cartwright Farrell. “In order to improve the overall service and solidify electric infrastructure, SKELEC has decided to execute [the] Smart Metering Project.”

“This is good news for workers and families across St. Kitts, as well as for Canadian manufacturers and exporters of telecommunications equipment,” said Ed Fast, Canada’s Minister of International Trade. “Providing the tools and the support needed for Canadian businesses to succeed in global markets is our priority. When Canada’s SMEs export and win contracts around the world, they create jobs and opportunities at home.”

“The Smart Metering Project employs broadband over powerline communication technology, which enables, among other things, drastically improved response times to changing power conditions and eliminate power outages,” added Corinex SVP of Sales John Evora. “It is the aim of SKELEC, with Corinex assistance, to offer the residents of St. Kitts first-class electricity service that is safe, reliable and modern.”

This lays the foundation for what should become a showcase smart grid deployment, unprecedented in performance and function, establishing St. Kitts as a technology leader for the entire Caribbean region.

Kittitians can look forward over time to decreased energy costs as cheap and plentiful renewables are incrementally incorporated into the grid, while neighbouring Caribbean nations that have yet to implement a smart grid strategy continue to import costly diesel, which is projected to increase in price as crude oil surpasses $100 per barrel. Countries reliant upon favourable oil prices, such as those guaranteed under the Petrocaribe regime, may soon find themselves susceptible to volatile oil price fluctuations as a result of uncertain political and socioeconomic developments in other parts of the world. The future consequences of present inaction are dire: the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that developing countries will need to double their electric power output by 2020 just to satisfy projected demand.

The best solution for addressing future needs across the region is energy infrastructure that employs microgrids. To that end, and to encourage economic development and free market cooperation between Canada and the Caribbean, the Trade Commissioner Service of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) is actively promoting Canadian businesses offering sustainable development solutions to countries in the Caribbean and beyond.

Trade Commissioner Tammy Brathwaite, citing the ongoing success of the SKELEC smart meter deployment with Corinex, encourages all Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to learn about sustainable developments and trends. “Early investment in smart grid technologies [can] single-handedly elevate [a utility’s] smart grid profile within its own customers and visibility to other countries on the international stage,” she explained.

About Corinex:

Corinex Communications Corp. offers information and communications technology solutions for the energy and natural resource sectors. We expressly developed and manufacture complex solutions for smart metering and smart grid infrastructure projects, with a focus on broadband over powerline communications. Our technological expertise enables us to offer state-of-the-art turnkey solutions for a wide range of global clients, whom we work with to ensure seamless integration with existing infrastructure asset so that they can tackle any current and future challenges with confidence. Learn more at


The St. Kitts Electricity Co. Ltd (SKELEC) is the sole provider and distributor of electricity on the island of St. Kitts. Our mission is to supply reliable electricity at a competitive price while safely optimizing the life of the asset, in harmony with the local community and the environment, providing a rewarding and motivating workplace for our fellow employees. Our motto is Reliability with Responsibility. For more information, please visit



John Evora, +1 778-371-7696
Director of Strategic Sales


Cartwright Farrell, 869-465 2000
Chief Executive Officer


Fraudulent Email –

Corinex Communications Corporation would like to inform the public of a fraudulent email that has been received over the past few days by several Indian citizens. This unsolicited email claims to be a job offer from “Corinex Group Canada” and asks for personal information (e.g. passport scans) along with a large sum of money to cover processing fees.

It is a phishing scam. Do not reply to it.

We will never send out unsolicited job offers by email, nor will we ever ask prospective job candidates for money in order to process their applications.

We are currently cooperating with the relevant authorities to have these scam artists stopped ASAP.

Sample copy of fraudulent email:

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--()--Corinex Communications, a global leader in broadband over powerline technologies, in collaboration with prominent Indian electric meter manufacturer Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, have jointly agreed to develop India’s first indigenous smart meter featuring BPL communications technology.

As the first Indian meter vendor to employ such technology, Genus is well positioned to provide the Indian market with residential single- and three-phase smart meters, which can collect meter readings in near real-time within India’s complex heterogeneous network infrastructure. Genus meters will support the most advanced SmartGrid applications, including encrypted communication of customer data, load management, peak shaving, and real-time energy theft detection.

“Our technical team was impressed by possibilities of Corinex communication technology. We made our choice for integration based on the field performance of Corinex AMI SmartGrid BPL network installed in Smart City Puducherry,” said JK Agarwal, VP of Genus marketing and Business Development.

“We are excited to support Genus as the leading Indian meter manufacturer,” said John Evora, SVP Marketing at Corinex. “The plan is to bring the Genus BPL enabled meter, with BPL infrastructure supporting up to 40 Mbps speed, to the Indian market within 3 months.”

The Genus smart meter will connect to a Corinex SmartGrid Powerline Concentrator embedded with SmartGrid functionalities. This product is a revolutionary step up from existing concentrators, enabling simultaneous BPL and PRIME/G3 communications on SmartGrid using DLMS/COSEM and/or ANSI communication standards to maximize device interoperability. This solution keeps options open for Genus to implement other powerline technologies in their meter, if future market forces dictate.

A broad portfolio of MDM systems will also be supported. This drastically reduces infrastructure costs for Indian utilities and improves energy management to avoid costly power outages, without large additional investments to power generation assets.

Corinex provides technology solutions as well as business consultancy services on the benefits of its solutions for a utility. More information is available at

Puducherry test report

About Genus:

Genus mission is to delight customers with high quality, innovative products and services in electrical and electronic fields. Genus primary deals in manufacturing and distribution of Electronic Energy Meters, Metering Solutions, Power Distribution and Management projects, Inverters, Home UPS, Online UPS, Solar Hybrid Inverters, Batteries and Hybrid Microcircuits across India and globally.


John Evora, +17783717696
JK Agarwal, +911417102400


VANCOUVER, British Columbia & BANYOLES, Spain--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Corinex Communications Corp., a global leader in broadband over powerline technologies, in collaboration with Agri-Energia Electrica, S.A has launched a successful pilot to evaluate its proprietary MV data backhaul solution for load management and smart metering applications. This demonstration illustrates how the technology can be applied to existing power infrastructure, in less-than-ideal environments and conditions, for reliable transfer of data.

In the pilot, Agri-Energia required a demonstration of reliable data transfer between four point-to-point substations. Despite the challenging geography and terrain, as well as the deteriorated state of the MV cables, Corinex technology succeeded where other communication technologies failed; Corinex deployed a High Density Compact Gateway at each substation, in conjunction with its SmartGrid Netman monitoring software, and the solution proceeded to surpass Agri-Energia’s performance expectations.

CTO and Technical Director of Agri-Energia, Narcís Roca Turró, states: “Corinex Technology vastly exceeded requested parameters of both speed and latency at significantly lower price than other potential suppliers. Despite of the character of the cables in the network, they managed to achieve a lowest speed of 31 Mbps and highest speed of 107 Mbps within [a] point-to-point connection, whereas required parameter was to obtain speeds of at least 1 Mbps as an acceptable criteria. Also, the required parameter for latency to be under 30 ms as an acceptance criterion was easily achieved, whereas the highest latency was only 9 ms and lowest 2 ms. [Furthermore,] Corinex was very supportive and easy to work with.

“During Corinex history we have shipped over 12,000 BPL GWYs,” said Martin Kominek, Senior Account Manager of Corinex in Europe. “We value our success with Agri-Energia due to the very challenging technical conditions of the pilot and proven cost efficiency of Corinex solution versus other industry players.”

“I believe this pilot provides the important evidence of Corinex’s industry leadership in performance and price for other Spanish and Latin American Utilities who currently work with us and/or consider our products for their larger scale deployments within their SmartGrid projects,” said Marco Fernandez-Concha, Senior Director of Sales for Latin America.

Mr. Kominek adds, “I invite all attendees of this year’s European Utility Week conference in October to come by the Corinex booth [1D.52] and see first-hand how our solutions work, with live running demos of the latest Smart Meter and SmartGrid products from our extensive portfolio.”

Corinex provides technology solutions, as well as business consultations on the benefits of its solutions for utilities. More information is available at

Corinex Communications Corp.
Martin Kominek, +421 910 961 176 (Europe)
Marco Fernandez-Concha, +1 778 371 7538 (Americas)


VANCOUVER, B.C. & NICOSIA, Cyprus--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The University of Cyprus has opened a BPL Competence Centre (as part of its newly established Research Centre for Sustainable Energy) with the support of industry technology leader Corinex Communications. The Centre is equipped with the latest in Corinex BPL-to-the-meter technology, with facilities for testing and validating BPL communications performance on LV and MV lines and free samples from leading meter vendors.

The Centre now forms part of the University’s School of Engineering, with a dedicated staff of over 20 researchers. The Centre is headed by George E. Georghiou, former Fellow at the University of Cambridge and the Chair of Photovoltaic Technology at the University of Cyprus. BPL technology is hundreds of times faster than any other narrowband powerline technology used for meter data acquisition, yet at nearly the same nominal costs. This high speed capability makes it easy to deploy and apply full AES 56-bit or 128-bit security. It also offers endless opportunity for further innovation.

“I believe we are seeing the beginning of a major shift in requirements in metering infrastructure from collecting meter data for billing purposes to load management within the meter cluster. As ever growing proportions of our energy are produced by renewable sources, this management has to be dynamic – almost happening in real-time. This can only be achieved using a very high speed communications technology – BPL,” says Professor George E. Georghiou.

“We see utilities expressing interest in automated load management on the LV level. It requires—within minutes—responsive delivery of metered data and supplied energy measurements, including local PV production, to the local Smart Grid concentrator unit. The Corinex concentrator is powerful and fast in communicating with the meters. It is ready to employ sophisticated algorithms to process these data together with data on forecasted weather in order to generate effective responses and issue commands to the meters, such that efficient localized energy load management and/or storage is realized,” says Peter Sobotka, CEO of Corinex.

In this commercial cooperation, parties plan to enrich the Corinex BPL concentrator and SmartGrid solution with new algorithms researched and developed by the University, and then validate them with Corinex customers. The University also plans to introduce a new learning subject specialization: Energy Sustainability and Smart Grids, which include BPL and its applications in the Energy sector.

Corinex Communications Corp. develops and manufactures Smart Metering and Smart Grid Communication infrastructure. Its products, software and solutions cover load and asset management, energy theft and security. Corinex high speed BPL communication is AES-128 bit encrypted and supports multiple meter vendors conforming to ANSI and IEC standards as well as SNMP and/or DLMS/COSEM protocols. It can be used either to backhaul data among concentrators on MV lines and/or provide communication also within metering cluster. Corinex ranked five consecutive years among the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Canada and USA in Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50/500 Program,

Since its establishment in 1989, the University of Cyprus has consistently pursued excellence, fulfilling its mission to the Cypriot society. Today, the University is recognized as the most important research and higher education institution of Cyprus, and has also, moreover, been honored as a ‘distinguished Mediterranean University’.

Currently, the University comprises six Faculties and 21 Departments offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research study programs to 7,000 enrolled students. The University employs over 900 people in its academic and administrative staff.

The Research Centre for Sustainable Energy (RCSE), University of Cyprus, was created in order to play a key role in research and technological development activities in the field of energy within Cyprus and at international level with the aim of contributing to the achievement of the relevant energy and environment objectives set out by Europe. In particular, the RCSE strives to become a centre of excellence in energy that will act as a structure where world-standard R&D work can be performed, in terms of measurable scientific production and/or technological innovation. The RCSE is part of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Cyprus (UCY).



Corinex Communications
Martin Kominek, +421910961176


University of Cyprus
G.E. Georghiou, +35722892272



Best Western is ecstatic with Corinex’s BPL Technology


December, 6th2011


Corinex Communications’ Coaxial Networking products were chosen to equip the “Best Western Luna del Mar” hotel in Manzanillo Mexico. The Best Western hotels is one of the world leading hotel families providing unparalleled comfort and service. This stellar “Best Western Luna del Mar” hotel, sitting on the beach steps, now offers blazingly fast and reliable high speed internet access in every room, and common areas. A feat not easily accomplished, as the Best Western Luna del Mar hotel had tried over the past years different connectivity technologies, including Wifi, and failed repeatedly. Intelikoms, a Corinex Certified Integrator, provided a diagnosis of these failures, then formulated and deployed Corinex’s 200Mbps Enterprise networking solution over the coaxial infrastructure, solving the hotels issues.


All 67 rooms and common areas, spread throughout 4 independent towers, have high speed, reliable and uninterrupted internet access. The network was implemented by using the existing coaxial wiring to distribute connectivity throughout the hotel grounds.


Mr. Felipe Luna Garcia, owner of the Best Western Luna del Mar said “Corinex’s Technology is fantastic! We are very satisfied with the execution of the project and the services offered by Intelikoms. The network was installed quickly, a must in this industry, and it delivers strong performance and solid reliability. We are offering high speed internet access in every room in the Resort without any problems. We tried to provide the Resort with internet access before, but we failed due to the infrastructure and thick concrete and brick design. Corinex’s CableLAN technology was the perfect solution.”


Los productos para red Coaxial de Corinex Communications fueron seleccionados para equipar el "Best Western Luna del Mar" hotel en Manzanillo, México. Este estelar "Best Western Luna del Mar" hotel, situado en la orilla del mar, ofrece ahora acceso a internet increíblemente rápido y fiable en todas las habitaciones y áreas comunes. Una hazaña no fácil de lograr, porque el Best Western Hotel Luna del Mar había intentado, en los últimos años, diferentes tecnologías de conectividad, incluyendo Wi-Fi, y no tuvo los resultados esperados, hasta que probo la tecnología de Corinex. Intelikoms, un ‘Integrador Certificado por Corinex’ y líder en el despliegue de BPL/PLC, desplegó la solución de Corinex.  Se instalo una red con señal de 200 Mbps sobre la infraestructura coaxial existente.


Las 67 habitaciones y áreas comunes, extendidos por 4 torres independientes, tienen un acceso de internet de alta velocidad, fiable y sin interrupciones. La red se implementa mediante el cableado coaxial existente para distribuir conectividad en todo el recinto del hotel.


El Sr. Felipe Luna Garcia, propietario del Best Western Luna del Mar dijo: "La tecnología de Corinex es fantástico! Estamos muy satisfechos con la ejecución del proyecto y los servicios ofrecidos por Intelikoms. La red se instaló rápidamente, una necesidad en esta industria, y ofrece un alto rendimiento y fiabilidad. Estamos dando servicios de acceso a Internet de alta velocidad en todas las habitaciones del hotel sin ningún problema. Tratamos de ofrecer acceso a Internet antes, pero fracasó debido a la infraestructura, diseño y construcción del hotel. La tecnología de Corinex fue la respuesta adecuada para nuestros problemas.”


About Best Western International

Best Western International is The World's Biggest Hotel Family with more than †4,000 hotels in over †95 countries. Our uniqueness is found in each hotel's charm and local appeal while maintaining a commitment to quality, service and value.

About Intelikoms Corp.

Intelikoms situated in Colima, Mexico, designs, installs and upgrades communication systems with Corinex equipment and technology.

About Corinex Communications Corp.

Corinex Communications Corp. develops and manufactures the leading edge communications solutions addressing global needs for low cost and low carbon broadband communication and for SmartGrid applications. Corinex products are being deployed worldwide by telecom operators, utilities, system integrators, and home users. Corinex Powerline networking is communications over existing electrical wiring in the building or over outdoor electricity lines; coaxial networking is communications over existing coaxial wiring in buildings and homes. 

Corinex ranked 5 consecutive years among Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Canada and USA in Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50/500 program

Vancouver, B.C. -- Corinex Communications Corp, a global leading company in design and development of powerline products, today announced the launch of its new website with the support of web design and development provider Amplus Marketing & Design.

This website serves the purposes of rejuvenating the Corinex brand and creating a more customer oriented online system that can provide effective sales support and help achieve higher customer satisfaction.  The launch of this website represents Corinex entering into a new digital era.

“After several weeks of hard work we have accomplished our goal: creating a Smart Website, a site that can give our Company a better image.  We have worked to create a fresh, professional and sales oriented site. ” said Alvaro Dominguez, Marketing Manager of Corinex Communications.


Highlights of New Corinex Website:

  • ž   Impactful visualization of the evolved value proposition – as one of the global industry leaders, Corinex is committed to provide green solutions to help clients monitor and reduce their electricity consumption, while maintaining the same high quality communications.  With this in mind, Corinex and Amplus have jointly defined a fresh and impactful way to visualize this evolved value proposition in the new website.  
  • ž   Tailored for different customers – a whole new area called “Find your Industry” has been created on the beautiful homepage, aiming to help the potential clients or customers quickly find the right solutions that could fulfill their specific needs.
  • ž   Easy-to-browse product section – in the website, products have been classified based on different categories and applications, which makes the searching task easy to complete.  What’s more, the products can be viewed from different angles to provide a better understanding of their function and design.
  • ž   Effective sales facilitation – the new Solution area in the website speaks for itself.  The potential customers or clients can learn the basics of Corinex’s solution process at a glance, and easily access in-depth information.
  • ž   Integrated backend ticketing system – once registered to this website, the client can easily send a support ticket whenever necessary to get help from Corinex’s product support team.  This backend ticketing system has been seamlessly integrated with a frontend account management interface, allowing the support team to streamline the process and to provide in-time solutions for the clients.


About Corinex Communications Corp.

Corinex Communications Corp. is one of the global leading companies in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge communication solutions to meet the ever-growing global needs for broadband and SmartGrid systems with low cost and small carbon footprint.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Corinex Communications has 120 employees, and holds three R&D centers located in Canada, China, and Slovakia.  It has an active business exposure internationally with key clients including utilities, telecom operators, system integrators, and home users, and its annual revenue reaches US$ 33.9 million.

With its enormous success and leading-edge technology, Corinex ranked five consecutive years among the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Canada and USA in Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50/500 Program.


About Amplus Marketing & Design

Amplus Marketing & Design is a Vancouver-based boutique web agency that provides effective, reliable, and creative digital solutions for business at all scales.  It specializes in website design and development, online marketing strategies, search engine optimization, graphic design, and custom systems.

Ever since its establishment, Amplus has been recognized for its real-time working knowledge of the most recent tools, its rigorous and streamlined workflow, its in-depth understanding of real business needs, and its commitment in providing every client with the best possible return on their digital investment.