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Best Western is ecstatic with Corinex's BPL Technology



Best Western is ecstatic with Corinex’s BPL Technology


December, 6th2011


Corinex Communications’ Coaxial Networking products were chosen to equip the “Best Western Luna del Mar” hotel in Manzanillo Mexico. The Best Western hotels is one of the world leading hotel families providing unparalleled comfort and service. This stellar “Best Western Luna del Mar” hotel, sitting on the beach steps, now offers blazingly fast and reliable high speed internet access in every room, and common areas. A feat not easily accomplished, as the Best Western Luna del Mar hotel had tried over the past years different connectivity technologies, including Wifi, and failed repeatedly. Intelikoms, a Corinex Certified Integrator, provided a diagnosis of these failures, then formulated and deployed Corinex’s 200Mbps Enterprise networking solution over the coaxial infrastructure, solving the hotels issues.


All 67 rooms and common areas, spread throughout 4 independent towers, have high speed, reliable and uninterrupted internet access. The network was implemented by using the existing coaxial wiring to distribute connectivity throughout the hotel grounds.


Mr. Felipe Luna Garcia, owner of the Best Western Luna del Mar said “Corinex’s Technology is fantastic! We are very satisfied with the execution of the project and the services offered by Intelikoms. The network was installed quickly, a must in this industry, and it delivers strong performance and solid reliability. We are offering high speed internet access in every room in the Resort without any problems. We tried to provide the Resort with internet access before, but we failed due to the infrastructure and thick concrete and brick design. Corinex’s CableLAN technology was the perfect solution.”


Los productos para red Coaxial de Corinex Communications fueron seleccionados para equipar el "Best Western Luna del Mar" hotel en Manzanillo, México. Este estelar "Best Western Luna del Mar" hotel, situado en la orilla del mar, ofrece ahora acceso a internet increíblemente rápido y fiable en todas las habitaciones y áreas comunes. Una hazaña no fácil de lograr, porque el Best Western Hotel Luna del Mar había intentado, en los últimos años, diferentes tecnologías de conectividad, incluyendo Wi-Fi, y no tuvo los resultados esperados, hasta que probo la tecnología de Corinex. Intelikoms, un ‘Integrador Certificado por Corinex’ y líder en el despliegue de BPL/PLC, desplegó la solución de Corinex.  Se instalo una red con señal de 200 Mbps sobre la infraestructura coaxial existente.


Las 67 habitaciones y áreas comunes, extendidos por 4 torres independientes, tienen un acceso de internet de alta velocidad, fiable y sin interrupciones. La red se implementa mediante el cableado coaxial existente para distribuir conectividad en todo el recinto del hotel.


El Sr. Felipe Luna Garcia, propietario del Best Western Luna del Mar dijo: "La tecnología de Corinex es fantástico! Estamos muy satisfechos con la ejecución del proyecto y los servicios ofrecidos por Intelikoms. La red se instaló rápidamente, una necesidad en esta industria, y ofrece un alto rendimiento y fiabilidad. Estamos dando servicios de acceso a Internet de alta velocidad en todas las habitaciones del hotel sin ningún problema. Tratamos de ofrecer acceso a Internet antes, pero fracasó debido a la infraestructura, diseño y construcción del hotel. La tecnología de Corinex fue la respuesta adecuada para nuestros problemas.”


About Best Western International

Best Western International is The World's Biggest Hotel Family with more than †4,000 hotels in over †95 countries. Our uniqueness is found in each hotel's charm and local appeal while maintaining a commitment to quality, service and value.

About Intelikoms Corp.

Intelikoms situated in Colima, Mexico, designs, installs and upgrades communication systems with Corinex equipment and technology.

About Corinex Communications Corp.

Corinex Communications Corp. develops and manufactures the leading edge communications solutions addressing global needs for low cost and low carbon broadband communication and for SmartGrid applications. Corinex products are being deployed worldwide by telecom operators, utilities, system integrators, and home users. Corinex Powerline networking is communications over existing electrical wiring in the building or over outdoor electricity lines; coaxial networking is communications over existing coaxial wiring in buildings and homes. 

Corinex ranked 5 consecutive years among Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Canada and USA in Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50/500 program