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Corinex BPL Empowers Vendors at SVMF 2014

VANCOUVER, BC--The headlining acts that took centre stage at this year’s Squamish Valley Music Festival—Eminem, Bruno Mars, Arcade Fire, just to name a few—may have gotten all the accolades, but were it not for the valiant efforts of a few good network engineers working behind the scenes, this festival could never have gotten off the ground.

SVMF has been growing in attendance year after year since its inaugural debut back in 2010. A major milestone was reached in 2012 when a single-day attendance record broke the 10,000-person mark: it gave organizers a brief glimpse of the logistical challenges that lay ahead for the proceeding year’s festival. Seeing the annual upward trend in attendance, organizers went looking for a network solution that would enable them to expand the size and scope of their customer support operations, to accommodate the many tens of thousands more people anticipated at future events.

The continued success of the Squamish Valley Music Festival has always been underpinned by the significant economic benefits reaped by local businesses. Beginning in 2013, organizers turned to Montreal-based Intellitix for a streamlined payments solution that uses RFID wristbands issued to attendees for admissions access at the gates, and purchases on site grounds such as food, beverages and general merchandise.

The challenge of building a network capable of supporting Intellitix’s solution was two-fold. Firstly, the time-sensitive nature of transactions processing—and Intellitix’s cashless payment system in particular—demanded a robust network that could transfer huge volumes of data with minimal latencies. Secondly, the RFID enabled POS kiosks were geographically dispersed across an 81-acre venue with no pre-existing telecommunications infrastructure. A cursory site evaluation determined that a wireless solution was unfeasible, as site conditions and the distances involved would introduce unacceptably high latencies, which would be compounded by heavy data traffic from the thousands of anticipated transactional events during the festival. Ansatel Communications, the contractor responsible for building the network, almost immediately saw the applicability of Corinex broadband over powerline (BPL) technology in the context of onsite transactions processing, as it offered a robust ad hoc network infrastructure with minimum setup and low deployment cost. Ansatel teamed up with Corinex Communications to implement a closed-loop BPL backhaul network, using Corinex’s time-tested high-density access gateways to bridge all POS terminals with the Intellitix authentication server onsite.

The core BPL network proved exceptionally responsive and rock-solid stable during the event—in fact, the only temporary hiccups were due to festivalgoers unwittingly severing network connections when they pulled out power plugs from outlets to charge their phones! During those rare instances, network troubleshooting was a trivial affair thanks to Corinex’s user-friendly TelneX management software, which enabled technicians to pinpoint right away the specific device(s) that went offline. The advanced self-healing algorithms preprogramed into the Corinex gateways meant that technicians simply had to re-establish physical connection to the gateways, at which point the devices would automatically and seamlessly reintegrate themselves to the network topology. Throughputs as high as 190 Mbps, in conjunction with round-trip latencies averaging 33 milliseconds, ensured consistently fast payments processing even as vendors collectively doubled the transactions volume from the year before.

The results speak for themselves: preliminary conservative estimates peg the value of all payments processed during SVMF 2014 at $37.8 million. Network congestion was virtually nil despite record-setting attendance numbers, at one point reaching 30,000 people in a single day. For SVMF 2015 and beyond, organizers can continue to reuse the basic network architecture without issue, as it has ample capacity to accommodate year-over-year increases in transactions volume for the foreseeable future.

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