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Corinex Co-hosts Smart Metering Open House

VANCOUVER, BC--Corinex Communications Corp. and St. Kitts Electricity Co. Ltd. (SKELEC) co-hosted an Open House event to talk about the benefits of the smart metering program that will roll out across the island of St. Kitts in the near future.  As their successful pilot comes to a close and they prepare for the installation of a smart metering system across the entire island, Corinex highlighted the empowerment opportunities this will provide for SKELEC customers.  Not only will their bills be on-time and more accurate, but customers will be able to check-in with SKELEC any time to access their consumption information. “We are excited to improve efficiency and to end estimation in our billing process,” said Gawain Fraites, SKELEC’s Public Relations Officer.

There was a constant buzz in the Open House tent, as Kittitians asked questions about the exciting new technology their island will be showcasing. Corinex is a world leader in BPL--broadband over power line technology-- which allows the use of existing infrastructure to transmit data at high speeds.  “A meter reading is performed by the concentrator every 15 minutes,” said Jon Valeza, Corinex Field Application Engineer. This means that SKELEC will have detailed daily reports from each of their customers’ meters. As SKELEC prepares to move forward with Corinex’s SmartGrid technology, it signals an advance in sustainable energy management for the entire Eastern Caribbean.

SKELEC in collaboration with Corinex plans to modernize aging power generation and distribution assets, and eventually deploy nearly 20,000 meters within the next 2 years.  In the future, SKELEC will be able to leverage the faster network speeds and data processing capacity to monitor their meters and allow load balancing, a key tool to enable the incorporation of renewable energy, such as solar power, into the grid and reduce St. Kitts’ dependency on burning diesel for electrical power.

About Corinex:

Corinex Communications Corp. offers information and communications technology solutions for the energy and natural resource sectors. They develop and manufacture complex solutions for smart metering and smart grid infrastructure projects, with a focus on broadband over power line communications. They offer state-of-the-art turnkey solutions for a wide range of global clients, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure assets, and equipping them to handle any current and future challenges. Learn more at


The St. Kitts Electricity Co. Ltd (SKELEC) is the sole provider and distributor of electricity on the island of St. Kitts. They supply reliable electricity at a competitive price while safely optimizing the life of the asset, in harmony with the local community and the environment, while providing a rewarding and motivating workplace for their employees. Their motto is Reliability with Responsibility. For more information, please visit


Kimberly Bruce
Corinex Marketing & Communications Specialist
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Gawain Fraites
SKELEC Public Relations Officer
869 465 2000 ext. 7234