The wiring harness is the 3rd highest cost and 3rd heaviest component in a car. Harnesses are built one at a time and comprise 50% of the cost of labor for the entire car.

The traditional intra-vehicular wire harnessing takes up a lot of space and weight even in compact cars.

“The wiring harness is one of [the] three heaviest subsystems in many vehicles—as much as 150 lbs. Today’s cars contain some 1,500–2000 copper wires—totaling over 1 mile in length"

--- Doug Burcicki, Director of Integrated Electrical Systems at Mentor, a Siemens Business

According to Cowen Research, "the wiring harness is in fact the third-heaviest component (behind the chassis and engine) in most luxury automobiles. Any technology that reduces this weight directly contributes to fuel economy."

Image of a typical car wiring harness

Introducing Wiring


Corinex’s BPL solution can reduce weight and cost in vehicles by using the same wires for power and data, especially for EV’s and autonomous driving.


up to 250 nodes--car sensors--operating on an internal energy network


Gbps data transmission speeds over existing wiring


Secure connectivity ensured by latest encryption standards

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