Advanced metering infrastructure

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of smart meters, communication networks, and energy management systems that collects detailed metering information to enable two-way communication between utilities and customers. Corinex is revolutionizing the electric grid by transforming it into AMI networks. This is achieved through their vertically integrated end-to-end Edge AMI solution. It enables high-speed and secure smart metering, monitoring, provisioning, and IoT management, all utilizing the utilities' existing powerline infrastructure.  

What Is Advanced Metering Infrastructure

AMI is the answer to a reliable, secure, and responsive smart energy network

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is essential for the modern energy industry, enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and improving efficiency. It revolutionizes utilities with two-way communication and real-time data, improving everything from metering to customer service. This infrastructure equips utilities to automate critical tasks, including the measurement of electricity usage, outage management, and the implementation of time-based programs aimed at cutting costs and reducing consumption, thereby reinforcing the importance and utility of Advanced Metering Infrastructure in the modern energy landscape.

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Our Advanced metering infrastructure solution

Corinex is dedicated to helping you transform your metering system with the advanced metering infrastructure network

Corinex Edge AMI solution not only collects and monitors grid data, but also stores and presents timely and precise information and energy analytics needed by utilities to evaluate energy use patterns, reduce and conserve energy consumption, and measure short and long-term impacts during the decision-making process.

Why advanced metering Infrastructure is important

Corinex is dedicated to helping you transform your metering system with the advanced metering infrastructure network

The transforming landscape of our metering networks within the electric grid is affecting utilities and energy consumers at the same time. It creates not only opportunities for significant optimization with the adaption of AMI meters but also enables new business models and revenue streams.

Alleviate cost pressure

Alleviate cost pressure

The cost of operation and maintenance from metering and billing is always one of the major expenditures for utilities. With the increasing demands for energy diversity and more strict regulatory restrictions, this challenge is becoming even more significant. Establishing an AMI network with smart meters would allow both utilities and energy consumers to better manage energy costs.

Improve operational reliability

Improve operational reliability

The availability and reliability of power supply is another critical factor. This holds true especially when utilities face regular, severe weather events that result in a power outage. Instant diagnosis, visualized management, and precise response to those incidents are more important than ever for utilities to operational reliability. AMI meters enable utilities to better monitor and predict impacts during the decision-making process.

Increase customer satifsfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

Utility capital expenditures and customer bill savings are also driving energy suppliers to adopt new business models which allow them to reduce peak demands, optimize asset utilization and maintenance, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. AMI network with smart meters empowers customers with information, control, and customization, ultimately enhancing their satisfaction.

Evolving energy landscape

Taking control of the energy future with the AMI network

From a centralized large-scale power generation system to an increasingly diversified, decarbonized, and digitalized energy landscape, the energy network is changing significantly as new opportunities arise. Corinex Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution plays a key role in this process of grid modernization.

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Optimizing energy spending with AMI metering

Operations and maintenance (O&M) cost saving from remote billing and metering are one of the major benefits of advanced metering infrastructure adaptation. Utilities with AMI meters are able to collect more timely and accurate meter readings, eliminating the need for manual truck rolls and labor to read meters, connect and disconnect services, and diagnose meter issues. This is especially beneficial for large-scale deployments and utilities with lower customer densities.

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AMI network ensures reliable energy supply

Advanced metering infrastructure plays another important role in outage management, service restoration, and voltage monitoring. Combining with the Corinex GridValue energy management system, Edge AMI solution provides near real-time visualized data and analytics, which enables utilities to isolate outages faster and deploy restoration crews more precisely.

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Improving customer satisfaction with AMI meters

Corinex Advanced Metering Infrastructure Edge solution allows utilities to proactively identify and notify customers of usage patterns in advance of bills, as well as the capability to improve billing accuracy, reduce customer complaints, and better resolve billing disputes. The AMI meters also create new opportunities for utilities to offer time-based rates and incentive programs by reducing peak demands, lowering wholesale power purchase costs, and investing in new generation and delivery capacity.

Feature highlights

Corinex Edge AMI solution feature highlights

Corinex’s next-generation advanced metering infrastructure solution is the first commercially viable Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) system based on the ITU standard protocol adopted by utility industry groups. By integrating edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI), this solution enables rapid communication among smart meters and the autonomous operation of the electric grid.

Product family of Corinex advanced metering infrastructure solution

ITU standard protocol

Corinex is the only vendor with an existing (ITU-T G.9960) AMI solution that provides unparalleled high-speed connectivity to smart meters to increase data-transfer capacity. As G.9960 devices are designed to be extremely flexible and capable of operating over different types of media, Corinex’s solution can be used for different smart grid applications such as plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) and various home energy management systems (HEMS).

Scalable and flexible AMI architecture

The distributed AMI architecture can support millions of network elements and adaptably allocate additional grid infrastructure to increase the net effective bandwidth of the network within a given area. The inherently future-ready design features commercially proven capabilities of over-the-air firmware upgrades to all AMI metering endpoints, allowing utilities to easily migrate new technologies or operate multiple applications simultaneously on a single electric grid network.

Security and resilience built into the AMI meter and grid management system design

Corinex Core Firmware provides the highest level of security to the industry standard semiconductors, enabling industry-leading authentication, authorization, and accountability to each and every element from Wide Area Network (WAN) to Home Area Network (HAN). With utility-grade components, Corinex’s validated AMI solution is proven to endure for the long term in extreme utility environments and natural conditions. protocol
Scalable architecture
Built-in security

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