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At Corinex, we take pride in ensuring that our objectives are closely aligned with those of our customers. We firmly believe that this strategic alignment will enhance our competitive positioning in the market and drive growth in terms of revenues, net revenue, and profitability.

Who we are

Corinex is the world's leading broadband over power lines company for grid modernization

Unprecedented demands on electric grids are already here

  • Devices at the edges of the grid (renewables, storage, EVs) must be managed
  • Regulatory mandates will require real-time information to be distributed to producers and consumers
  • Continuous high-speed connections are required to implement modern security protocols
  • Electric grid needs an open system with functionality to modify and maximize grid performance

Today's smart-grid technologies cannot meet the new demands

  • Narrowband (NB) power line communication (PLC) has insufficient speed and intermittent connections
  • Wireless solutions are expensive, intermittent and have poor coverage and reliability
  • “Smart” meters transmit intermittent usage data and do not continuously monitor grid conditions or predict and control grid functions
  • Today’s solutions are rigid, closed systems that lack the functionality demanded

Corinex's BPL-enabled solutions provide full digitalization

  • Enabled by broadband over power line (BPL) technology to provide high-speed continuous connections over power lines
  • Solutions are resident on existing grid infrastructure and enable edge computing, high-speed transmission, real-time grid performance data, device management, and security at the edges of the grid
  • Full-stack solutions based on ITU standards: an open platform for application development by Corinex and others

Corinex's solutions are already being commercially deployed

  • Europe’s largest utilities are choosing Corinex BPL to digitalize their energy grids
  • Completed commercial rollout with Iberdrola on medium voltage
  • History of successful pilots creates solid sales pipelines
  • Underlying ITU technology has been standardized by the PRIME Alliance and G3-PLC

Growing financial opportunity

$175 billion market opportunity across public power and cooperative utilities

Energy technologies have significantly evolved since the first cleantech investment craze launched in the early 2000s with a small cadre of venture capitalists. Today, with a new wave of clean energy investment hitting $175 billion, broadband solutions with distributed intelligence and high bandwidth are required to connect billions of newly added electricity devices, achieve smartification and prevent decarbonization.

Comparative advantages over competing technologies

Faster and more cost-effective than competing technologies

Power grids are changing. The move to electric vehicles (electrification), and installation of prosumer renewables (decentralization) require far more energy data and transmission speed to ensure the reliability of the grid. Smart grid communication is in transition from narrow to broadband communication. Corinex' complete solution for digitalizing electric grids enables end-to-end control of grid communications with high data transmission speed, and the cost per transaction using Corinex' BPL communication will be significantly lower than that of many competing technologies.

Industry driving regulatory mandates

Standardized networking protocol designated by ITU

Corinex’ latest field-proven products are based on, the current networking standard of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which is compatible with internet protocol version 6 (IP v.6). This protocol is endorsed for standardized BPL applications by the Powerline Intelligent Metering Evolution (PRIME) Alliance, an association of leading utilities and suppliers. Corinex products based on this protocol are capable of high bandwidth and cyber-secure operations.

Cash-positive with only new E.ON contract

The only vendor capable of meeting the requirements of E.ON for the largest BPL deployment

Corinex was chosen to partner with E.ON, a leading European investor-owned energy company that serves approximately 50 million customers, as a result of its capability to offer broadband communication, computation, and security in one integrated solution. With a sales pipeline of over 500M in total, Corinex could be cash-positive with only the new E.ON and Iberdrola contracts (including cash escrowed until product delivery).

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Our strategic focus centers on harmonizing our objectives with those of our clients, ensuring a synergy that we are confident will bolster our stance in the competitive market. This alignment is not just a core principle; it's a deliberate approach to enhance our revenue streams, net income, and overall profitability. We recognize that by closely aligning our goals with our customers' needs, we can create a more dynamic and responsive business model, one that not only meets but anticipates market demands, driving both our growth and that of our clients in the industry.