Grid flexibility

Grid flexibility is the ability to adjust energy consumption or alter the timing of its use in response to external factors, such as requests by the grid operator. Corinex's grid flexibility solution, DynamiX, enables efficient local generation management and reduces load peaks from emerging low-carbon technologies (LCTs). Combined with Corinex's Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL) technology, DynamiX on the BPL platform empowers network operators to utilize flexible resources, adapt to voltage changes, and respond to disruptions, ensuring a resilient, secure, and sustainable energy future.

What Is Grid Flexibility

Grid flexibility enables an electrical power grid to swiftly adapt to changes in energy demand and supply

As the EU targets a 45% renewable energy share by 2030, integrating an additional 700 GW of renewables presents a significant challenge. The concept of grid flexibility is crucial in a future where over 60 million heat pumps and 69 million electric vehicles are expected to be seamlessly integrated into our power systems.

Corinex's DynamiX on BPL platform enhances grid flexibility by efficiently managing local energy generation and mitigating load peaks from low-carbon technologies. This approach enables network operators to maintain grid balance and reliability, offering financial benefits to organizations and energy providers through reduced energy costs or new revenue streams, particularly by participating in incentive programs during peak times.

renewable energy share by 2030 in EU
additional renewable power to be integrated into the grid
heat pumps to be integrated to the power system
electric vehicles to be integrated to the power system

how it works

DynamiXon BPL platform provides instant and secure aggregated flexibility at local substations to manage loads and grid constraints

DynamiX on BPL platform contains local generation at the low-voltage grid and enables better utilization of local generation through collective self-consumption. It also prevents peaks above import limits.

The point of aggregation enables DSOs to manage the grid flexibly and ensures the reliability and continuity of energy supply under challenging weather and grid conditions. It also enables the management of LCTs during cold restarts from outages.

Technical architecture of Dynamix solution
Technical architecture of Dynamix solution

Benefits of Grid flexibility

The benefits of grid flexibility are numerous and significant, especially in the context of an evolving energy landscape

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Integration of renewable energy

Flexibility allows for more effective integration of intermittent renewable energy sources like solar and wind, which are critical for transitioning to a sustainable energy future.
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Improve grid reliability and stability

By being able to quickly respond to fluctuations in supply and demand, a flexible grid maintains a stable and reliable electricity supply, reducing the risk of blackouts and other disruptions.
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Cost effective

Flexible grids can reduce operational costs by optimizing the use of available resources and minimizing the need for expensive backup power sources.
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Enhanced grid security

By diversifying energy sources and reducing dependence on a single type of power generation, grid flexibility contributes to improved energy security.
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Economic opportunities

Grid flexibility opens up new markets and business opportunities, such as demand response services, energy storage solutions, and advanced grid technologies.
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Customer empowerment

It enables dynamic and participatory energy systems where consumers can become active participants, potentially generating and storing their own energy or adjusting their consumption patterns for incentives.

Grid flexibility use cases

Corinex's grid flexibility solution enables utilities to unlock new business models across various use cases

Corinex is a dominant provider of BPL-based grid flexibility solutions, enabling the digitalization of the distribution system where energy consumers connect. Our solutions maintain network capacities and steer LCTs to consume local generation. Our broadband offerings deliver a complete solution, enabling network operators with flexible resources to relieve stress on specific network infrastructure and provide reliability and security for the energy system.

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Facilitating energy sharing within the community

Dynamix is a great starting point for an energy community. In its simplest form, this involves sharing energy, essentially adding a financial layer on top of the physical DynamiX layer. It examines the network for importing/exporting from the substation and tracks how much each consumer and prosumer has consumed or generated within defined periods. All power or energy outside of the substation network serves as the basis for calculations, and each prosumer can receive compensation for the exported energy consumed by the community, rather than being sent back to the grid.

SPOT price optimization for the day-ahead market

DynamiX solution provides mass-scale information on daily market prices, allowing a significant reduction in energy costs. It enables earnings by leveraging the difference in energy prices.

Active network management for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs)

DynamiX enables streamlined coordination of the LV grids, ensuring a more efficient energy distribution and significant cost savings. The system empowers DNOs with the capability to swiftly adapt to grid fluctuations, minimize service disruptions, and effectively manage grid constraints. This proactive grid management enables the integration of a higher number of Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) into the grid, thereby augmenting potential revenue streams.

Quick adjustments to changing grid conditions

DynamiX enables OPEX cost savings by quickly adjusting to the changing conditions in the power system, decreasing downtimes and disruptions. The network operators can monetize its ability to adjust power usage or generation in response to frequency changes.

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Corinex’s complete grid flexibility solution enables efficient local generation management and reduces load peaks from emerging low-carbon technologies (LCTs). Discover how Corinex’s other grid digitalization solutions help reshape the energy landscape by bringing intelligence, security, and resilience to the electric grid.