Grid management software

Enabling next-generation smart grid applications

A grid management software manages specific types of one or more network elements within a telecommunication management network (TMN). It allows utilities and energy providers to control and optimize energy distribution using large-scale information systems with high levels of security. Corinex's grid management software, GridValue provides provisioning, management, and near real-time visibility across utility customers’ electric infrastructure.  

Grid management software at a glance

Corinex GridValue energy management system

Reliable and efficient energy management for the electric grid

As global decarbonization initiatives accelerate, legislators and utilities are pushing forward the energy digitalization and smartification of the existing electric grid. This newly digitalized grid is enabling prosumers to generate and supply electricity from renewable sources, thereby changing the way electricity is distributed and generated.

This new decentralized energy grid creates an urgent need for high levels of network visibility within the ems system so that all energy-producing assets can operate reliably and efficiently.

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Complete network visibility and energy management

As part of our vertically integrated grid modernization solution, Corinex's grid management software, GridValue provides nationwide provisioning and secure connectivity to millions of IoT devices, allowing near real-time visibility, data aggregation, and processing of energy network information.

The modular architecture of the ems system can be tailored to meet the deployment needs of each energy distributor, allowing a smooth migration path for future expansions.

Corinex grid management software

Corinex GridValue energy management system

Corinex GridValue is a robust grid management software that provides unparalleled data aggregating and analyzing capabilities on the low voltage (residential/commercial) part of the electric grid. Using the latest encryption, it securely manages up to 5 million energy data nodes. This software is fully backward-compatible with first-generation UPA broadband over power lines devices and offers exceptional scaling for wide area network (WAN) deployments.

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Grid management software key feature highlights

A-Class Solution

grid management software
designed for large-scale deployments

The latest PKI infrastructure ensures the design of the system architecture meets the requirements of the following high-performance parameters:

  • Manage up to 5,000,000 energy data nodes
  • Handle 200,000 active (D)TLS sessions between EMS proxy and BPL headend
  • Process up to 1000 events per second with a processing time of less than 1 second
  • Operate up to 10,000 configuration requests in parallel
  • Manage up to 10,000 firmware upgrade processes in parallel
State-of-the-art energy management system
Flexible, scalable, and secure energy management system

Flexible, Scalable, Secure

Flexible and scalable architecture
with enhanced agility and security

With the full support of the devices and backward compatibility with the first-generation UPA broadband over power lines devices, Corinex grid management software, GridValue, is designed with a horizontally scalable architecture to provide unmatched core performance. It uses microservices architectural approaches based on Docker Enterprise container platform. This architecture enables the rapid, frequent, and reliable delivery of the application with enhanced agility, serviceability, and security.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Understanding your energy data with smart mapping and visualization

Data visualization is one of the most important elements of energy management because it directly impacts the audience’s interpretation of the energy management data collected. Corinex grid management software is integrated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which creates maps with compelling data visualizations, enabling utility customers to discover out-of-box analytics, uncover never-before-seen patterns, and reveal unnoticed trends in the grid management software.

Geographic information systems in energy management system
Multiple data storage redundancies in energy management system

Multiple Data Storage Redundancies

Well-managed data redundancy to protect your energy data

Data redundancy is valuable when used for backup or data security. Corinex grid management software features multiple data storage redundancies to create data backups, eliminate single points of failure, ensure data accuracy in the management system, and increase data availability and data security.

Edge Computing and artificial intelligence

It is more than just an grid management software

Corinex GridValue is the first grid management software with enough computational power for utilities to apply edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for large-scale smart grid deployments. In a highly distributed grid, edge computing and artificial intelligence can not only enable utilities to better manage distributed energy resources in the electric grid, but maximize their efficiency and deliver cost-effective, reliable, and clear power.

Edge computing and artificial intelligence in energy management system
Edge computing and artificial intelligence in energy management system

Grid management software key modules and updates

With its modular architecture design, Corinex GridValue can be tailored to the needs of each customer and provide a smooth migration path for future ems system expansion. Are you looking for a specific feature to accommodate your specific needs? Engage with us to accelerate innovations to fit your business needs.

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Release 2.8 (Latest)
Release 2.7
Release 2.6

GridValue 2.8 device full compliance

  • Support new generation devices( operations
  • New FTP settings for config/firmware jobs

Configuration/Firmware Package Signed

  • Upload signed files into the system
  • Generate new signed configuration package

PKI Infrastructure

  • Registration Authority(RA) microservice
  • Auto/Manual Device Certificate Enroll, Revocation
  • Cert enroll status update and expire date filtering
  • Generate certificate expiration notification alarms
  • UPA devices CA update

Northbound Kafka Interface

  • Provide Kafka Stream APIs for third-party system integration

Performance Enhancements and Bug/Fixe

System Observability Enhancements

  • Enabled Backend/Transport metrices

GridValue 2.7

Inventory Management enhancements

  • Quick navigation links to Topology, Event and Alarm
  • Perform configuration and firmware update from Inventory

SSH Widget

  • Provide SSH terminal to connect Proxy/Headend and BPL devices

Batch Job

  • Schedule job for single/selected or group of devices
  • Support Profile Collection/Reboot/Inventory Update Jobs
  • Support SNMP get/set bulk command execution

Northbound REST Interface

  • Provide RESTful APIs for third-party system integration

2D Topology Dashboard Enhancements

  • New generation devices ( model) support
  • Device ethernet connection status

New Generation Devices ( model) Partial Compliance

Device Disable/De-active

  • System operator can forcefully block the device from connecting to the network
  • System operator can remove the defected permanently from the system

GridValue 2.6

Inventory Management enhancements

  • New generation devices ( model) support

Hierarchy view for BPL network topology

  • Structured view of entities (City, Street Cabinet, Devices) 

Auto Firmware Upgrade

  • System automatically upgrades the firmware of the connected devices

2D Topology Dashboard

  • Graphical representation of the device network topology
  • Historical Topology/Last Connected Parent device analyzer

Event and Alarm Dashboard

  • Historical event table representation of individual device events
  • Historical alarm table representation of devices and system-generated alarms

Product License

  • GV access control based on the time period
  • GV access control based on the number of devices in the network

Availability Dashboard enhancements

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