Broadband over power lines

Corinex is the world leader in delivering grid resilience through broadband over power lines (BPL) solutions deployed in mass rollouts. Our comprehensive suite of offerings caters specifically to energy companies, including electric utilities, EV manufacturers, and EV charging providers. The objective is to accelerate the integration of intelligent energy systems, helping the industry in addressing the pressing climate and energy challenges.

Our flagship smart grid solution consists of GridValue and EnergyGrid, a complete grid hardware and grid management software offering that enables high-speed and secure smart meter connectivity, grid monitoring, and IOT management over utilities’ existing powerline infrastructure.

Our technology

Corinex broadband over power lines solutions provide key products, software, and services to enable grid flexibility and resilience



Corinex Grid Nodes: Data collection, computation, and transmission over existing electric grid


Intelligent management software for electric grid


Product installation and network operation

what is grid digitalization

A flexible and resilient grid requires a digitalization solution that provides reliable communication, computational power, and security

Existing utility-managed centralized grid

A diagram showing how the existing grid works
100 connections
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Self-regulating digitalized grid

A diagram showing Corinex broadband over power lines solutions
1,000,000,000 connections
A diagram showing how narrowband in existing grid manage metered homes
Millions of metered homes
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Corinex broadband over power lines technology manages billions of electricity devices
Billions of electricity devices
Existing utility-managed centralized grid
  • One-way communication infrastructure, built for centralized generation and distribution
  • Insufficient data capabilities, resulting in suboptimal energy distribution
  • Rigid, closed system that cannot be modified while in operation
  • Poor energy security and heightened grid vulnerability amplified by increasing voltage demands from electrification
Decentralized grid
  • Multi-directional communication, built to accommodate both centralized and decentralized generation
  • Dynamic load and generation balancing powered by high-bandwidth, real-time energy data, energy analytics, and predictive models
  • Open system accessible by third parties to modify the functionality of the grid to enable grid resilience
  • Highest level of security and grid resiliency without the dependence on third-party communication networks

our advantages

Broadband over power lines solutions provide superior and cost-effective connection over competing technologies

A table compares the Corinex's Broadband over power lines technology over other competing technologiesA table compares the Corinex's Broadband over power lines technology over other competing technologies
A table compares the Corinex's Broadband over power lines technology over other competing technologies

Broadband over power lines (BPL) is a massive improvement over NB-PLC technology, and NB-PLC for energy sector will be replaced by BPL through the natural upgrade cycle

Three pie charts showing the market percentage of NB-PLC from 2018-2022
  • NB-PLC is currently the preferred technology for many global markets. However, going forward, major utility alliances are standardizing the future generation of PLC technologies based on broadband over power lines
  • Broadband over power lines (BPL) enabled solutions represent the next generation in PLC technology and NB units will be replaced by BPL units throughout the natural upgrade cycle

Corinex BPL-enabled solution can scale up to five million nodes on a single software platform, capable of managing country-wide deployments

Data collection and processing
Nodes per typical street installation
Corinex products for collecting data in the residential area
Energy info collection & transmission
Nodes managed by 1 substation node
Corinex products for collecting and transmitting data in power grids
Network management & analysis
Nodes managed by 1 software platform
Corinex's energy management system GridValue

Market legislation

Regulatory requirements are forcing utilities to implement grid digitalization solutions such as Corinex BPL

  • Sets the framework and objectives for the electricity market to modernize the grid
  • Mandates grid upgrades to accommodate decentralized generation
  • Requires implementation of smart metering, demand response systems and integration of DERs
  • Aims to facilitate the integration of renewable resources into the EU’s power grid
  • “Digital twin” of the electric grid announced implying mass digitalization requirements
  • Intention to enact an international data sharing framework for participation in DERs
  • Aims to promote competition, enhance grid reliability, and support the growth of clean energy resources
  • Removes barriers and enable greater integration of DERs into the grid
  • Required to revise their market rules and tariffs to facilitate the participation of DERs in the wholesale electricity markets

Every utility will need broadband over power lines solutions

New demands on the grid: Distributed generation, EVs, and storage require high bandwidth and intelligence for grid digitalization
Regulatory mandates to provide detailed, real-time information to prosumers
Industry standards: In 2022, PRIME Alliance standardized BPL for deployment based on ITU's protocol
Advantages of broadband over power lines: High-speed communication, edge computing, security, network coverage, and lower cost, in one already proven integrated solution

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