Smart grid solution

Enabling grid modernization for a smart energy future

Smart grids are energy management networks that distribute electrical energy using digital technologies and IoT solutions. Corinex’s smart grid solution consists of grid management software GridValue and smart energy products EnergyGrid. It integrates distributed energy devices and provides real-time energy data, analytics, and predictive models.

What is a smart grid

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An adaptable, secure, and sustainable smart electric grid enabled by energy modernization

Integrating smart grid technology into the electric grid creates new opportunities for decarbonizing our economies by enabling live management of renewable energy installations, and energy distributors and consumers by reducing energy waste and energy storage facilities, and increasing the energy efficiency of existing energy distribution networks.

These smart grid solutions provide value to both energy distributors and energy consumers by reducing energy waste and energy costs.

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We are at an inflection point

Socio-environmental factors such as urbanization and climate change are increasing renewable electricity’s share of global energy consumption. This is leading to a progressive transformation of the energy landscape spurred by governmental incentives to decarbonize and integrate renewable energy. Intermittent energy resources such as wind farms, solar, etc., have highly variable energy output and are often decentralized, causing changes in energy flows that pose a challenge for the existing electric grid.

To address these challenges, the energy industry is investing in smart grid technologies that sense and optimize the electric grid. A smart grid solution can help energy providers and utilities reduce rising costs, and address issues of power quality, grid stability, and aging equipment.

Corinex smart grid solution

Smart grid brings new opportunities to increase energy asset lifespan, optimize supply and demand, reduce electric grid maintenance costs, and create new revenue streams. Corinex is the world leader in Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) technology for energy management and electric grid modernization. Our smart grid solution, EnergyGrid, is a vertically integrated smart grid solution designed to connect, facilitate, and manage large and scalable deployments.

Why do you need a smart grid solution

By enabling proactive operations, predictive maintenance, remote troubleshooting with energy management analytics, and other IoT features, a smart grid solution allows utilities to operate their electric grid infrastructure far longer, and with sizeable labor and material cost savings.

Smart grid enhances reliability

Smart grid reduces the frequency and duration of outages, the cost of interruptions and power quality disturbances, and the probability and consequences of widespread blackouts.

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Smart grid improves efficiency

Smart grid improves the efficiency of electric grids by reducing the cost of generating, transmitting, and consuming electricity; it also reduces O&M costs, capital investments, energy usage, and energy waste.

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Smart grid builds resilience

Smart grid offers a more resilient operational environment that guards against cyberattacks as well as natural disasters. An electric grid integrated with smart grid technologies can deter and withstand physical and cyber-attacks and improve public safety.

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Smart grid creates opportunity

By enabling a larger penetration of renewables and improving reliability, efficiency, and safety, smart grid generates opportunities that result in the creation of new products and services, stimulation of operational economics, and the reduction of emissions.

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Pioneering a new era of digital energy with
smart grid solution

Corinex is committed to supporting our customers in achieving their goals, delivering the world's best smart grid solutions that are built around a philosophy comprising three core components, helping our customers become 'grid edge natives'.

Integrated electric grids

Integrated Electric Grids

With more devices and connections in the energy grids requiring high-speed communication, Corinex provides industry-leading smart grid solutions with the highest level of security and near real-time analytics that manage these increasingly complex systems. These solutions are enabling utilities to take full control of their electric grid operations.

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Smart grid software

Smart Grid Software

As utilities’ assets become more distributed and consumers contribute a greater share of renewable energy, energy management systems become key. Corinex provides state-of-the-art data aggregating and analyzing smart grid software, enabling utilities to provide the next generation of smart grid applications and services.

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Dynamic collaboration with Corinex

Dynamic Collaboration

As a technical leader in the development of the standardized broadband over power lines (BPL) technology, Corinex works in close collaboration with industry associations and main smart grid market players. We promote an open exchange of information, to benefit global energy customers.

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Corinex’s complete smart grid solutions for modernizing the electric grid enable high-speed communication over power lines, computing at the edge of the grid, and high levels of security. Discover how Corinex’s other grid modernization solutions help reshape the energy landscape by bringing intelligence to the electric grid.

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