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After three long years, 2022 marked the return of RE+ (featuring SPI & ESI) in a spectacular fashion, which drew over 27,000 attendees and 800 exhibitors to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, September 19-22, 2022. This record-breaking week contained content for all aspects of the clean energy industry ... solar, storage, grid edge technologies, hydrogen, fuel cells, EV charging, and wind on and off the show floor. Several events co-located with RE+, including the Zero Emissions Bus Conference, Center for Hydrogen Safety Americas Conference, and INL’s Cybersecurity: Securing a Path to Net-zeroTM. RE+ has previously been named one of Trade Show Executive’s 100 largest trade shows, making it the largest energy event in North America and the only clean energy event to receive such distinction.

RE+ is the largest event in North America for the renewable energy industry, including solar, storage, grid edge technology, wind, hydrogen & fuel cells, and EV infrastructure.

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BPL Edge Computing on the Low Voltage

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Edge computing is a new paradigm that relocates cloud data processing to its source, reducing latency and energy consumption. This new form of distributed intelligence is now being applied using broadband-power-line (BPL) deployments in digitalized energy grids. The upcoming generation of BPL semiconductors have enough processing power to provide distributed optimization of DER on the low voltage part of the electric grid. This form of distributed intelligence is vital to harmonizing energy fluctuations from renewables being integrated into the grid. We will discuss current case studies and applications by leading Green Energy Majors (European utilities at the forefront of distributed energy management). BPL is a unique technology that transmits signal over the existing power line infrastructure. Due to its proximity to the energy source, BPL is ideally suited to sense, transmit, and analyze energy data from distributed energy resources (EVs, solar, winds, etc). It is a technology that enables a truly smart grid with auto-sensing and self-regulating capabilities.

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September 19 - 22, 2022
Anaheim, California
Energy Storage | EVs & Infrastructure | Microgrid solutions | Grid Modernization | Hydrogen & Fuel Cells | Digitalization & Software

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