VDE FNN Fachkongress ZMP 2023

About VDE FNN Fachkongress ZMP 2023

The VDE FNN Fachkongress ZMP 2023 is the largest platform for intelligent measuring systems . Here you will meet everyone who is building, shaping and helping to shape the new infrastructure . The congress imparts concentrated first-hand specialist knowledge and focuses on the exchange with experts from the industry and politics. The focus is on field reports , best practices and prospects for developments over the next few years. Solutions from companies can be seen in the interactive exhibition.

With the redesign of Paragraph 14a of the Energy Industry Act, the Federal Ministry of Economics has taken an important step towards realizing the control of controllable consumer devices such as wall boxes and heat pumps. This means that the urgently needed flexibility can finally be used in the distribution network.

How the controllability is actually implemented - what rights and obligations there are for the actors - we want to discuss with you at the ZMP 2023, the VDE FNN specialist congress on metering and digitization . Another focus: the rollout and further technical development of intelligent measurement systems. What's going well? What needs to be improved? What opportunities does the infrastructure offer? Top-class industry experts will share their experiences with you and present new solutions.

Join us at VDE FNN Fachkongress ZMP 2023 to learn more about how Corinex is transforming electric grids into resilient smart energy networks.  

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June 21 - 22, 2023
Leipzig, Germany

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