Frost & Sullivan recognizes Corinex for energy sector innovations

February 21, 2024
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April 22, 2024
Frost Sullivan Recognizes Corinex for Energy Sector Innovations

Dec 20, 2023 (Frost & Sullivan)

The “IoT Start-up Tracker: Digital Power andEnergy Services” report 2023, offered by Frost& Sullivan, presents a comprehensive analysis of emerging start-ups in thedigital power and energy services field. It highlights innovative companiesthat are leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to transform thepower and energy sector. The report focuses on the pivotal role of smartmeters, emphasizing their contributions to energy efficiency and thedevelopment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). It includes detaileddescriptions of leading players to understand their relevant developments,strategies, and value propositions, as well as an exploration of the growthenvironment, opportunities, and challenges in the sector. Lastly, the reportprovides valuable insights for industry stakeholders interested in the evolvinglandscape of IoT and energy services.

Who are the key players that are providing innovations in smart meters, communication modules, and data management software?

Company Information: List of top key players that focus on IoT power and energy services:

  • Bidgely
  • Corinex
  • Energiency
  • Fox IoT

Frost & Sullivan selected these companies based on its Best Practices database, alongside secondary research on worldwide power and energy ecosystem mappings and rankings.

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Market Summary: The IoT digital power and energy sector, with a specific focus on Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), is experiencing significant growth, driven by the global demand for energy efficiency and enhanced grid management. This sector is marked by rapid technological advancements, particularly in real-time data collection and analysis through smart meters, which are crucial for improving energy distribution and efficiency. The market's expansion is further influenced by key trends impacting the industry such as energy democratization, cybersecurity convergence, EV expansion, and grid flexibility and reliability.

While developed countries lead in adoption due to better infrastructure and regulatory frameworks, emerging economies are also increasingly investing in this technology. Key challenges in this sector include government support, slow adoption by utilities, economic uncertainty, and the integration of diverse technologies, but these also present opportunities for innovation. Overall, the IoT and AMI sector is at the forefront of the energy sector's transformation, offering immense potential for growth, innovation, and contribution to sustainable energy management.