Peter Sobotka, PhD

Founder & CEO
Bio Summary

Dr. Sobotka embarked on his business career after the fall of the Communist government in Czechoslovakia in 1989. As a Ph.D. student, he established his first company, Corinex, with the goal of introducing Western information technology to Eastern Europe. Initially distributing Western Digital disk drives and ethernet cards, Corinex built Novell networks for Czechoslovakian companies, rapidly expanding its revenue to $10 million within three years. Dr. Sobotka left the company in 1992 to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship in Japan.

Following his academic pursuits, Dr. Sobotka founded his second company, the Corinex Group, in 1996. Utilizing resources from his previous venture, Corinex provided network infrastructure services, including building country-wide networks for Slovak Telekom and a competing network for a consortium of energy companies in Slovakia. Additionally, Corinex developed software solutions for billing and implemented SAP integration for the Slovak Gas Industry.

By 1999, Corinex Group became the largest information and communications company in Slovakia, generating approximately $65 million in revenue and employing 90 individuals. Dr. Sobotka transitioned to Canada in 2000, after hiring a CEO for Corinex Group, and began focusing on his next venture. Recognizing the potential in digitalizing energy infrastructure worldwide, he delved into broadband over powerline technology (BPL) and established Corinex as a leading player in the field.

With his technical expertise and financial resources, Dr. Sobotka spearheaded the development of high-speed communication over powerlines, envisioning its application in managing complex energy grids. Corinex successfully tackled the technical challenges associated with grid digitalization, gaining widespread recognition and market dominance in the smart grid sector.

Dr. Sobotka actively participated in industry organizations such as IEEE 1901, UPA, and the PRIME Alliance. He contributed to numerous patents and research papers related to BPL technology and held positions in prominent committees and organizations, including the Clinton Global Initiative and the National Electricity Roundtable Canada.

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