What We Do

Enabling decarbonization through self-regulating systems

Corinex is the sole provider of Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) solutions in mass rollout. Its solutions are developed for energy companies, including electric utilities, EV manufacturers, and EV charging providers.

The flagship offering consists of GridValue and EnergyGrid, a complete hardware and software solution that enables high-speed and secure connectivity, monitoring, and IOT management over utilities’ existing powerline infrastructure.

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Decentralized energy production and storage require distributed intelligence and high bandwidth

Existing Grid
Centralized management
A diagram of existing grid
100 connections
Digitalized Grid
Decentralized management
A diagram showcasing Corinex EnergyGrid smart grid solution
1,000,000,000 connections

Corinex broadband enabling self-regulating energy systems

A diagram of narrowband utilities
Millions of metered homes
Energy Service Providers
A diagram of Corinex broadband
Billions of electricity devices

Overview of the Corinex validated end-to-end energy solution

Corinex solution can scale up to five million nodes on a single software platform, capable of managing country-wide deployments
Data collection
Nodes per typical street installation
Corinex solutions overview for residential area
Energy info collection & transmission
Nodes managed by 1 substation node
Corinex solutions overview for power grid
Network management & analysis
Nodes managed by 1 software platform
Corinex solutions overview for data center

Cost and speed advantages over competing technologies

Data Transmission Speed in Mbps
A diagram of Corinex technology vs competitors in data transmission speed
Cost per MB over a 10 Year Life Cycle
A diagram of Corinex technology vs competitors in cost per MB
A diagram of Corinex technology vs competitors in data transmission speed
A diagram of Corinex technology vs competitors in cost per MB

EU Legislation mandates near real time data to enable decentralized grid with massive data requirements

Article 15:
Active customers

Member States shall ensure that active customers are:

entitled to sell self-generated electricity
, including through power purchase agreements…

entitled to participate inflexibility schemes and energy efficiency schemes;

Article 17:
Demand response through aggregation

Member States shall allow and foster participation of demand response through aggregation.

Member States shall allow final customers, including those offering demand response through aggregation, to participate alongside producers in a non-discriminatory manner in all electricity markets.

Article 20:
Functionalities of smart metering systems

Non-validated near real-time consumption data shall also be made easily and securely available to final customers at no additional cost, through a standardized interface or through remote access, in order to support automated energy efficiency programs, demand response and other services;

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Every utility will need Broadband over Power Lines

New demands on the grid: Distributed generation, EVs, and storage require high bandwidth and intelligence for grid management
Regulatory mandates to provide detailed, real-time information to prosumers
Industry standards: In 2022, PRIME Alliance standardized BPL for deployment based on ITU's G.hn protocol
Advantages of BPL: High-speed communication, edge computing, security, network coverage, lower cost, in one already proven integrated solution

We are an agile company with a global vision