GridValue software update delivers new decentralized energy production capabilities

May 26, 2022
Last Updated
April 22, 2024
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Corinex, a world leader in Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) technology and the company enabling decarbonization through self-regulating energy systems, today announced the latest release of GridValue, its grid management SaaS. Validated as the most advanced and affordable wide-area network software on the market, the new release delivers improved public key infrastructure (PKI) for up to 5 million nodes, speed and performance enhancements, and full support for new devices, which are capable of near real-time network operations speeds.

Corinex GridValue Energy Management Software

The new software is fully backward compatible with first-generation UPA Broadband over Power Lines devices and offers unparalleled scaling for wide-area network deployments. GridValue can manage 2 million messages per minute and 10,000 configuration requests in parallel, backed by horizontally scalable, microservices-based architecture delivering unmatched core performance. With a versatile and fully customizable UI, GridValue supports data clustering, integrates with GIS and other visualization tools, and features multiple data storage redundancies and an innovative smart flow event-handling engine.

“Our talented software development team has created an unparalleled data aggregating and analyzing software that brings sensing capabilities to the low voltage energy grid to better serve consumer needs,” said Sajith Dimal, Sr. Software Engineer - Team Lead at Corinex. “Our high-performance platform with full compliance enables utilities to provide the next generation of smart-grid applications and distributed energy resource services to people and businesses worldwide. We’re also grateful to E.ON, one of Europe's largest energy infrastructure operators, which has supported GridValue’s research and development since 2016.”

GridValue is the first software with enough computational power to enable edge computing for advanced metering infrastructure in BPL deployments.

The GridValue software update delivers:

  • Full device compliance, with operations support for new generation devices. ( is the home networking standard for operations over telephone wiring, coaxial cables, power lines and optical fiber, which includes capabilities to avoid various types of radio and networking interference.)
  • A signed configuration/firmware package, including the upload of signed files into the system and the ability to generate a new signed configuration package.
  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) including registration authority (RA) microservice, auto/manual device certificate enrollment and revocation, certificate enrollment status update and expiration date filtering, generating notification alarms for certificate expiration, and CA update for UPA devices.
  • Northbound Apache Kafka interface that provides Kafka Streams APIs for third-party system integration.
  • Performance enhancements, bug fixes, and system observability enhancements including enabled backend/transport metrices.

Customers can install up to 5 million nodes per software license, enabling scaling and cost savings for large deployments. Decentralized energy production is changing the existing electric grid. Corinex’s complete energy management solution integrates distributed electricity devices, collects real-time energy data, and provides predictive models.

About Corinex
Corinex is the world leader in Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) technology and solutions. Corinex offers utilities and energy service providers a full suite of high-performance networking products and software, enabling high-speed and secure connections for millions of devices over existing power-line infrastructure. Handling millions of messages per minute enables utilities to monitor performance, predict usage, optimize network performance, and provide required information to both consumers and decentralized producers of electricity. Corinex solutions are improving grid operational efficiency, advancing security, and integrating renewable energy and EV support on the low voltage part of the grid. Learn more at