PRIME Alliance standardizes BPL Smart Meter Gateway solution for grid management

November 18, 2022
Last Updated
July 21, 2023
PRIME Alliance standardize BPL Smart Meter Gateway

As global decarbonization initiatives accelerate, massive volumes of data are required to manage electric grids, driven by the proliferation of distributed renewable generation, storage devices, EVs and regulatory mandates.

Management of grids with millions of connected devices requires reliable and economical high-speed communication among the devices and to network control centers. Therefore, the PRIME Alliance has standardized the first use case for Broadband-Powerline (BPL), the BPL Smart Meter Gateway solution, based on the ITU’s standard. This standardized solution delivers cost-effective load management and security capabilities that enable stability and operational reliability in the grid.

Solutions built on PRIME BPL’s new standard for Smart Meter Gateway provide intelligence at the edge, reliable high-speed communication, security, network coverage, and lower cost in one already-proven integrated solution. Other use cases not yet fully standardized by PRIME, including Corinex’s BPL EnergyGrid solution, are already available to provide similar benefits.

This new BPL PRIME standard for Smart Meter Gateways will complement PRIME Alliance’s existing offering, which will deliver a full range of solutions for energy distributors and energy customers.

Deploying BPL PRIME Solutions

Corinex’s technology which uses the PRIME BPL standard has already been validated in field deployments for Germany’s 1st large-scale grid smartification project. Deliveries began in Q3 of 2022 with mass deployment scheduled for Q2 of 2023. Corinex products along with the Corinex GridValue 2.8 software enable self-regulating energy systems by delivering nearly real-time network visibility to energy network operators at some of the world’s most advanced utilities.

This near real-time visibility is a key feature delivered by GridValue, software purpose-built by Corinex with a micro-service-based architecture that can manage country-wide deployments on a single software platform. Currently, GridValue can manage up to 5 million network nodes, and it is designed to be scalable for even larger deployments.

GridValue has been successfully integrated with DSO’s existing MDM systems to provide a secure and streamlined interface for managing complex grids.

In 2021, PRIME Alliance sponsored an IDC survey of 17 utilities and 14 vendors that found that “smart grid communication is undergoing a transition from narrow to broadband communication.” Therefore, the PRIME Alliance continues to support all its members by offering interoperable standardized solutions that address different market needs, including those that require cost-effective broadband powerline solutions for active management of complex electrical grids.

Discover BPL PRIME at Enlit Europe 2022

The fully standardized end-to-end BPL PRIME solution will be demonstrated at the PRIME Alliance Pavilion at Enlit Europe 2022, in Frankfurt. The pavilion will showcase both Corinex’s BPL PRIME products and a short demonstration of the full capabilities of GridValue software.

To schedule a personalized demonstration of Corinex’s BPL PRIME product offering, schedule a software demo or request a meeting with Corinex representatives at Enlit.

About Corinex

Corinex Communications Corp. sells solutions that enable decarbonization through self-regulating energy systems. Corinex is the sole proven provider of Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) solutions for energy companies, including utilities, manufacturers of electric vehicles, and providers of EV charging infrastructure. Its flagship offering consists of GridValue and EnergyGrid, a complete solution that integrates distributed energy devices and provides real-time energy data, analytics, and predictive models.

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