Corinex IoT BPL is a future proof technology that caters to the growing and ever-evolving needs of utilities over a decade-plus life span. The core Corinex competence is software: Corinex OS and BPL IoT NMS.

Corinex CORE – the BPL operating system

The Corinex CORE software enables secure BPL communication with many advanced functionalities. It is “The operating system” key to the functioning of all broadband powerline products: meters with BPL communication, concentrators, and gateways. The CORE is used by Corinex products, as well as by independent OEMs and ODMs, supporting various competing vendors.

It is defined in three layers. The top layer is the application layer, the middle layer is composed by the key functionalities enabling proper functioning of the broadband powerline network and the bottom layer contains the drivers for all hardware components.

Corinex IoT NMS for BPL: Corinex GridValue

The Corinex IoT NMS for BPL enables the management of large scale BPL networks and provides analytical data, for example, for voltage sensing. The Corinex Gridvalue software offers industry-leading performance exceeding any known NMS system in the utility market. It is designed to provision millions of IP capable devices under a single data center and perform data collection at 2 Million messages per minute. The software’s horizontally scalable architecture unleashed a paramount system core performance to meet the most demanding smart meter rollout in Germany. The support of clustering made the software extremely fault-tolerant to meet today’s demand for utilities to deploy highly available infrastructure. Corinex GridValue supports various architectures.

All-in-one Smart Concentrator Unit
BPL Repeater
Integrated BPL Smart Meter

Corinex BPL IoT AMI solution

The Corinex BPL IoT AMI solution is an integrated system providing energy management on the secondary substation. Its deployment is fully automated. Corinex’s self-healing noise immune BPL networks provide megabytes of bandwidth to each metering point. The Corinex smart concentrator unit can be equipped with embedded DERM software for the integration of renewable energy.

Corinex BPL IoT MV solution

The Corinex BPL IoT MV solution provides MV backhauling of the data between substations, typically between narrowband concentrators on low voltage (for example, PRIME, Meters & More or SFSK). The products have a robust, resilient, and reliable industrialized design serving the harshest environment. The data link phy rate can be up to 1Gbps
All-in-one Smart Concentrator Unit
BPL Endpoint
BPL Repeater
BPL Headend Proxy

Corinex BPL with Smart Meter Gateway solution (solution for Germany)

The BPL with Smart Meter Gateway solution provides connectivity from the BSI GWY to the router. Its high bandwidth allows Corinex to implement many cybersecurity protocols to protect consumer data. The Corinex BPL network solution also collects voltage data to monitor the integration of renewables.

Corinex BPL IoT LV solution combined with narrowband PLC

The Corinex BPL IoT LV solution combined with narrowband PLC enables utilities to increase the bandwidth multiple times on the low voltage in an existing narrowband network. The Corinex solution increases connectivity more than ten times on the low voltage part of the grid by positioning concentrators as edge devices into the buildings.

BPL Repeater